World of Hyatt credit card, just like credit cards by other Hotel brands, is offering sign-up and usage bonuses, free nights, upgraded elite status and a few more perks.

World of Hyatt Credit Card is a Visa card issued by Chase.

Here are all the details you should know about the card:

Hyatt Credit Card Annual Fee


Up to 50,000 bonus points

  • 25,000 bonus points on completing USD 3,000 purchases (within first 3 months).
  • 25,000 (additional) bonus points on completing USD 6,000 purchases (within first 6 months).

Free Nights

  • One free night (1-4 category hotels) every year, starting from your 2nd year.
  • One additional free night on spending USD15,000 or more in a card anniversary year.

Elite status

  • Lifelong Hyatt Discoverist status, as long as you hold the card. (You need to otherwise stay for 10 nights to achieve the status)
  • 5 qualifying night count credits every year. That means you need 5 less nights to reach the next elite status compared to non-card holders.
  • 2 additional qualifying night count credits for every USD 5000 spent on the card.

Points on card usage

  • 4 bonus points per USD spent at participating Hyatt properties and restaurants.
  • 2 bonus points per USD spent at local transit and commuting (taxis, mass transit, tolls and ride-share services), restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, airline tickets purchased directly from the airline and fitness club and gym memberships.
  • Earn 1 bonus point per USD on all other spends with the card.

Please confirm all the details with the bank before applying. Also read charges and other related details here.