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Accor ALL: Get Accor Plus for only 4000 points

Get Accor Plus for only 4000 points
For a limited time, Accor is offering Accor Plus memberships for 4000 Accor ALL points.
Register By: 30 November 2022
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If you have some Accor ALL points lying around, and have been wanting to join Accor Plus, this is a good opportunity.

Accor is offering Accor Plus Traveller Membership for just 4000 points. This could be a discount of anywhere between 45% and 60%, depending on your location.

Note that this offer is only for Accor Plus Traveller Membership, which doesn’t come with all Accor Plus benefits except free night. You can read about various plans and benefits on our Accor Plus page.

You can purchase Accor Plus with points here.

The discounted rate is available until November 30th, 2022. Note that you need the entire 4000 points in your account to purchase the membership. There is no points plus cash option.

Similar to all Accor Plus promotions, this offer is valid only for new Accor Plus members. If you are planning to renew or if you have had an Accor Plus membership in the past, you won’t probably be allowed to purchase the membership using this deal.

Take it or leave it?

If you don’t care about a complimentary night and have enough points in your account, you should go for it.

I can easily use the free night at a Sofitel or a Pullman, which is worth more than the cost of membership anyway. I would still take the memberships with free night(s).

Having said that, even without the free night, Accor Plus is a powerful program and completely worth it for Asia Pacific trips.

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