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Hilton Honors: Hilton Travel Agent Rates: Up to 45% off

Hilton Travel Agent Rates: Up to 45% off
Your guide to Hilton Travel Agent rates for personal travel and clients bookings.
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Hilton offers several benefits, discounts and commissions to travel agents for clients as well as personal travel bookings.

Just like most hotels, the advantage of booking directly with Hilton Hotels is to let your clients avail Hilton Honors benefits apart from the benefits and commissions you receive as a travel agent.

However, unlike IHG Travel Agents offer, you don’t earn points and elite nights on discounted rates booked for your personal travel.

Hilton Travel Agent Rates for Personal Travel

You can book your personal stay at a discounted price on the travel agents personal booking page

Discounts vary from a meager 10% to 45-50% off in certain cases. That’s why it’s important to do your research before booking.

In certain cases, you might get a better rate via regular Hilton Honors Promotions and you will also earn reward points and elite status qualifying nights.

Terms for Hilton Travel Agent Rates for personal travel

  • A valid Travel Agent photo id is required at the time of check-in.
  • Stay must be booked at least 7 days in advance of the stay date.
  • A minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 7 nights can be booked per stay.
  • This Travel Agent rate is Non-Commissionable.

Hilton Travel Agent Rates for Client Bookings

Hilton offers around 10% commission to travel agents on all client bookings. However, the percentage might vary as per region.

Here are the current commission rates for Hilton travel agents.

Region Commission
US 10% on room revenue only
Mexico 10% on room revenue only
Canada 10% on room revenue only
US 10% on room revenue only
Other Countries Room Revenue + Packages + VAT (inclusive) @ 8% OR Room Revenue + Packages (exclusive of VAT) @ 10% OR Room Revenue + Packages (exclusive of VAT) @ 10% - withholding taxes

Additional rewards for US and Canada based Travel Agents

US and Canada based travel agents can sign-up for Unlimited Rewards Program to earn loyalty points (cash actually) on all Hilton bookings.

Unlimited Rewards sends you a prepaid card once you reach $10 and then adds your earnings to the same card.

You earn loyalty cash rewards for booking Avis, Budget, Hilton, Carey and Embarque.

Maximize your Hilton Honors points

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