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IHG One Rewards: Get 4x points at EVEN hotels in the United States

Get 4x points at EVEN hotels in the United States
Register for the promotion to earn 4x IHG One Rewards points for all your stays at EVEN hotels.
Stay From: November 8, 2022
Stay By: January 31, 2023
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IHG is offering 4x points on stays at participating EVEN hotels in the United States.

You need to register for the offer first.

The promotion is valid for stays from November 8, 2022, through January 31, 2023. Stays before the registration for the offer won’t count.

IHG promotes EVEN as a fitness focused brand of hotels. You can expect fitness related equipment and services in room and in the property. Along with healthier food options at onsite restaurants.

It’s good to see hotels focusing on fitness. Kimpton already offers Yoga Mats and cycles at resorts, along with several fitness classes daily.

Qualifying nights

IHG follows a pretty standard qualifying night criteria that remains common across most promotions.

For purposes of this Promotion, a “Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stay” is defined as a minimum 1-night stay at an EVEN® Hotel in the United States booked under a Qualifying Rate, with a room rate exceeding $30 USD for each night. Stays booked using Rewards Nights or Points & Cash are not Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stays for purposes of this Promotion. Bookings made through on-line travel agencies or other reservation sites such as booking.com or expedia.com also do not qualify under this Promotion.

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