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IHG points sale continues with a reduced bonus of 80%.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024. Tim Das.
Offer ended
IHG points sale continues with a reduced bonus of 80%. - Cover Image
Purchase 7,000 or more IHG One Rewards points and get 80% bonus points.
Book By: Mar 7, 2024
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IHG is back with its third consecutive points purchase sale. The first sale of 2024 offered 100% bonus points, while the second provided 90% bonus points.

The latest, third sale of this year, is now live with an 80% bonus points offer. It’s as if IHG is giving us a lesson on the drawbacks of procrastination.

During this promotional period, you have the opportunity to purchase up to 150,000 points (the yearly limit), and could receive up to an additional 120,000 bonus points.

To view your bonus offer, visit the points purchase page here.

This sale will be available until March 7th, 2024. You need to purchase a minimum of 7000 points to avail of this offer.

To buy or not to buy.

I would advise skipping this sale unless you urgently need IHG points. IHG often offers a 100% bonus on points purchases. It would make more sense to wait for that offer.

However, if purchasing points immediately is necessary, I recommend buying at least 26,000 points as the slab changes to the lowest cost per point at this level.

IHG Buy Points change of slot at 25,000 points.


IHG is currently offering an 80% bonus on the purchase of 7000 IHG points or more. This offer is valid until March 7th, 2024. However, I would advise against buying at this rate. It would be more beneficial to wait for another sale offering a 100% bonus.

Keep in mind that if you use up your yearly limit (it’s increased during some sales) for purchasing points, you will not be able to buy any additional points, regardless of the rate.

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