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Marriott Bonvoy: Buy Marriott Points at 30% discount

Buy Marriott Points at 30% discount
Purchase for yourself or gift Marriott Bonvoy points at a discount of 30% during the promotion period.
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Marriott is offering a 30% discount on the purchase of Marriott Bonvoy reward points. You can buy the points for yourself or gift them to someone else.

You need to purchase a minimum of 2000 points to avail this offer.

Before you go ahead and purchase them, it’s important to first understand how much are marriott points worth.

How to buy Marriott Points?

Like almost every other hotel loyalty program, Marriott has tied up with for selling their reward points.

You can directly head to Marriott Points Page, login and purchase the points.

The regular price of the points is $12.50 for every 1000 points purchased. With 30% off, you get the same for $8.75.

Currently you can buy up to 100,000 Marriott points in a year.

Is it worth buying Marriott points?

Generally it’s not. Reason is very simple. You won’t expect Marriott to sell points for a cost lower than what they would bear when you redeem that.

Having said that, however, buying Marriott points can help in certain cases. e.g. when you are falling a little short for a redemption you have been eyeing or when the hotel’s price is way overpriced and reward nights are available at regular rates or you are somehow getting a great value for transferring points to partner airlines etc.

Most of these cases are rare. Although, not impossible.

Ultimately you will have to do your own math.

Maximize your Marriott Bonvoy points.

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