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Marriott Bonvoy: Extra 6% cashback over and above all current offers

Extra 6% cashback over and above all current offers
Get up to extra 6% cashback over and above current offers when you book a stay plus exclusive deals and more.
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At Milescop, there are a plenty of offers you can use to earn bonus points, discounts and more at Marriott hotels worldwide. However, if you don’t mind spending a few minutes extra before booking, you can earn up to 6% cashback (sometimes even more) on all Marriott bookings.

Cashback Sites

There are a plenty of cashback sites out there that give you cashbacks for making purchases via their site. For Marriott hotels (and other chains as well), TopCashBack - US version(payments are via PayPal so shouldn’t matter which country you are from) and Rakuten Cashback are my personal favorites. I have been using TopCashBack for years and am pretty happy with their payouts.

If you aren’t aware of how these programs work, it’s actually very straightforward. Hotels and other sites pay these cashback sites a commission to send them customers. They share a percentage of that back with us. Only difference is how much are they sharing.

Why book Marriott through cashback sites?

There are 2 pretty attractive benefits for using a cashback site for booking hotels:

  1. You are still directly booking with the hotel so you get all the benefits of being a member, you earn points on your bookings and your status is honored. Which is not the case when you book through aggregators like Expedia,, Agoda etc.
  2. At times these sites have exclusive offers that you won’t be able to get otherwise.

Current cashback rate for Marriott Hotels:



Rakuten Cashback


Maximize your Marriott Bonvoy points.

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