Radisson is offering a 100% bonus on Radisson Rewards points purchase till October 25th, 2020. That’s equivalent to 50% off.

Points are priced at $7 per 2000 points (1000 points plus 1000 bonus points).

Buying reward points generally doesn’t make too much sense unless you are falling short of certain points or there is a particular property at a much better value on points than cash. Especially given the fact that on cash bookings you can make use of several current Radisson offers and also earn points on every stay.

You might want to check thelist of reward points needed for redemption at Radisson hotels before making a decision.

Coming back to the offer, you can purchase a maximum of 80,000 points + 80,000 bonus points at the discounted price. Note that 80,000 points purchase is a yearly limit. So if you have purchased Radisson Reward points this year already, your eligibility will reduce.