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Radisson Rewards: Get 70,000 bonus points with Radisson Americas

Get 70,000 bonus points with Radisson Americas
Register for the offer and earn 7000 bonus points per night, for up to 10 nights. Valid for Radisson Americas only.
Book By: November 22, 2021
Stay By: December 12, 2021
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After a long time, we are seeing one of those trademark Radisson promotions where one could earn 50k+ points for a single stay.

Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to Radisson Americas only.

If you are planning a stay at any of the participating Radisson Americas properties, you can earn 7000 bonus Radisson Rewards points per night. There is a cap of 10 nights or 70,000 bonus points on earnings from this promotion.

Don’t forget to register for the offer first.

$100 Gift Card option

Radisson is trying to push their gift card option through this promotion as well.

You can get a 10$ gift card in exchange for 7,000 Radisson Rewards points. A total of 100$ for 70,000 points.

Well, it might work for some. However, I do not recommend this option.

You can get a much better value when you redeem those points for a free night.

Remember you need to sign up for the new Radisson Rewards Americas to use this promotion. Your old Radisson Rewards (Rest of the world) won’t work for stays in the Americas.


I love this kind of promotion where you just register for the offer and book your stay the way you want.

At 7,000 bonus points per night, it’s an excellent value. There are some properties where you can get a free night for 9000 points.

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