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Earn up to 45,000 bonus points with Hyatt's new global promotion

Updated: Feb 23, 2023. Walter Ray.
Offer ended
Earn up to 45,000 bonus points with Hyatt's new global promotion - Cover Image
Earn 3000 bonus points for every 2 nights at participating Hyatt hotels worldwide. Can use this promotion for up to 30 nights. Hyatt credit card holders earn extra bonus points.
Register By: Apr 30, 2023
Stay From: Mar 20, 2023
Stay By: May 26, 2023
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Unlike Marriott and IHG, Hyatt promotions are much rarer. Especially global promotions with good bonus points earning opportunity. But they are not non-existent.

Hyatt’s latest ‘Bonus Journeys’ global promotion is offering an opportunity to earn as much as 45,000 bonus points for stays at participating Hyatt hotels. World of Hyatt credit card holders earn even more.

You need to first register for the promotion.

Once registered, you will earn 3000 bonus points for every 2 nights at Hyatt hotels. You can use this for up to 30 nights for a maximum of 45,000 points.

Note that you won’t earn any points for your first stay (post registration and in the offer period). I get that Hyatt wants to encourage multiple stays, but am not sure if it’s a good idea to alienate members who happen to be staying only once during the promotion period.

You need to register for the promotion by April 30, 2023, and then complete your qualifying stays between March 20, 2023, and May 26, 2023.

Extra bonus points for World of Hyatt credit card members

After registration and during the promotion Period, World of Hyatt Credit Card members will earn 500 Bonus Points for every 2 Eligible Nights at participating Hyatt hotels in 10 cities only—Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.

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