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Fast track upgrade to Gold and Diamond (for Accor Plus members)

Tue Aug 31 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Get upgraded to Accor ALL Gold for 10 nights or Platinum for 18.

Register By: April 15, 2021
Stay By: August 31, 2021
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Accor has an interesting fast track upgrade offer for Accor Plus members.

If you are a silver member, you can upgrade to Gold for by staying a total of 10 nights. And if you are already a Gold, you can upgrade to Platinum by staying just 18 nights.

Let’s see how this works.

Step 1: Register for the offer before April 15th, 2021.

Step 2: Make one eligible stay (in most cases that means a regular paid stay booked on the official Accor site or app) of at least 1 night before August 31st 2021. The stay needs to be booked before April 15th 2021.

Step 3: If you are a silver member (comes with plus membership), you will get an additional 10 status nights credit.

If you are a Gold member already, you will get extra 15 status nights credit.

Step 4: Now Accor’s 2x night credit offer for 2021 comes into play. Which basically says that you earn 2 status nights for every night stayed.

Silver to Gold: Upgrade to Gold requires 30 nights in a year. You have 10 nights credit already after your first stay. You need 20 more status nights to reach gold. That is, you need to stay for 10 nights and with 2x nights credit, it becomes 20.

You will already have some night credits from your first stay.

Gold to Platinum: Upgrade to Platinum requires 60 status nights in a year. You have 15 nights credit already after your first stay. You need 45 more status nights to reach gold. That is, you need to stay for 23 nights and with 2x nights credit, it becomes 46.

Magic Number 18: Not sure how 18 nights are being calculated. However, it seems like if you upgrade from silver to gold and then gold to platinum then you get both 10 status nights as well as 15 status night credits. Hence, only 18 nights stay requirement.

Remember to get bonus status night credits, stays have to be booked by April 15th 2021.

What if you are not an Accor Plus member?

This promotion is applicable to new members as well. That means you can join Accor Plus and participate in the promotion.

Whether joining Accor Plus during pandemic makes sense or not depends on your local situation. After all, Accor Plus is primarily a dining program with a validity of 1 year.

If you are looking to purchase a membership in India, you can get Accor Plus at a 50% discount as of now.

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