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Buy Hilton Honors points at 0.5 cents each with Hilton's 100% bonus points promotion.

Updated: Feb 19, 2024. Walter Ray.
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Buy Hilton Honors points at 0.5 cents each with Hilton's 100% bonus points promotion. - Cover Image
For a limited time, you can buy up to 160,000 Hilton points, and get another 160,000 as a bonus.
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Hilton Honors’ first points purchase promotion for 2024 is here. With this promotion, you can earn a bonus of up to 100% when you buy Hilton Honors points during the offer period.

The bonus is up to 100%. You can check your offer here. (Login, and then click on Buy Points)

My Hilton Honors Purchase Points Mystery Bonus

The promotion is valid for purchases made until 11:59pm ET on March 12, 2024. A minimum purchase of 5000 Hilton Honors points is required to earn bonus points. The annual limit for point purchases has been increased to 160,000 for this promotion.

In essence, you can purchase up to a maximum of 160,000 points and receive an additional 160,000 points as a bonus. i.e., a total of 320,000 points.

Buy or skip?

With a 100% bonus (equivalent to a 50% discount), you can buy Hilton Honors points at the rate of 0.5 cents each. This offers great value at high-end Hilton properties and resorts, which are generally costly in cash terms. If you have such a stay coming up, it makes sense to buy the points during this promotion.

If possible, it’s preferable to use the ‘5th night free’ benefit when redeeming Hilton points. This allows members with Silver status or higher to book a five-night reward stay using points for just four nights. If you don’t have an elite status with Hilton, you may be eligible for this instant Hilton Silver offer.

Typically, Hilton points have a value of less than 0.4 cents when redeemed at city hotels or properties that are not expensive in cash. Check the points vs. cash rate for properties you intend to stay at. It’s very rare to find a good deal on points at Hilton City hotels.

I would typically not recommend buying Hilton points for use at city hotels or at non-premium brands.


The Hilton’s first 2024 buy points promotion allows you to purchase Hilton points with a substantial 50% discount (same as a 100% bonus on purchased points). The points purchased at this rate could potentially offer great value at high-end properties, though they might not be as beneficial at other locations.

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