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IHG Dining Privileges 2023 – Save up to 30%, and earn bonus reward points in Asia

Updated: Feb 14, 2023. Walter Ray.
Offer ended
IHG Dining Privileges 2023 – Save up to 30%, and earn bonus reward points in Asia - Cover Image
IHG has extended its discount and rewards promotion for dining. You can save up to 30% and earn bonus points on dining.
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Restaurants play a key role in the profitability of hotels. It’s not uncommon to see groups and families rack up food and beverage bills that are much higher than the stay cost.

Of course, hotels would want every guest to have every meal on the property. However, Google Maps and food delivery apps have been making it difficult lately.

That is probably why every hotel loyalty program out there is offering discounts and points on dining to members.

Even though IHG doesn’t have a dining program like Accor Plus, it has been offering good discounts and reward points in Asia for some time now.

The same has been extended for 2023 as well. Well, until December 30th, 2023, to be precise.

The discount varies from region to region.

Where Discount Platinum and Diamond Members
India 25% 30%
Middle East 25% 30%
Africa 25% 30%
Indonesia 20% 20%
Laos 20% 20%
Malaysia 20% 20%
Philippines 20% 20%
Singapore 20% 20%
Thailand 20% 20%
Vietnam 20% 20%

You can always join IHG Ambassador and get instant platinum for higher discounts.

Bonus reward points on dining

Apart from discounts, you also earn 100 points per USD $10 spent at participating restaurants. If your final bill is under $10(mostly pre-tax and pre-other-fees), you won’t earn any points.

Good to know

The discount is available at hotel owned restaurants only. There are several third-party restaurants in hotels, and it’s very difficult to tell just by looking.

After learning the hard way, I have made it a habit to always call and verify about the promotions I am planning to use before reaching the restaurant. I might decide to go ahead anyway even without the promotion, but at least I know what to expect.

The discount is not applicable on in-room dining. You might be offered an in-room dining discount during check-in, but that’s different from this one. This discount is primarily meant for dining at the restaurant or pick up from there.

The discount is applicable for a maximum of 8 people.

Discount excludes alcoholic beverages, meals included within a room rate, seasonal menus, in-room dining, banquets, groups and events bookings, banquet, in-room minibar or any private dining rooms unless otherwise stipulated. Discount is not available on cigarettes, flowers, gift and other non-food and beverage items.

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